3 tools to take your product training sound from average to fantastic

3 tools to take your product training sound from average to fantastic

We already discussed what software to use to enhance the sound in our product training. However, when it comes to enhancing the sound in training videos, you need to keep more things in mind to get the perfect sound in your video.

Here are three essential sound devices that will get your training videos to a whole new level:

1. Microphones

Investing in quality microphones is crucial for creating professional sound. Condenser microphones (e.g., Aston Microphones Spirit) are popular for capturing clear and detailed audio but may require an external power source (phantom power). Another option may be dynamic microphones (e.g., Rode PodMic).

2. Audio Interfaces

An audio interface serves as the bridge between your microphone and computer. It converts analog audio signals into digital data, seamlessly integrating with video editing software. Audio interfaces provide high-quality preamps, ensuring accurate sound capture and minimizing noise interference.

3. Acoustic treatment

The sound quality is also influenced by the acoustic properties of the room where you're recording. Using acoustic panels or foam insulation can help reduce sound reflections and improve the recording. Many people underestimate this - buy an excellent microphone, take a course to work with music software, and then the sound sounds like in a tunnel, just because of the room's acoustics.

In conclusion, achieving excellent sound quality in training videos requires attention to detail and the right equipment. Remember, mastering the art of audio production elevates the impact and effectiveness of your training videos.