Who We Help

From the idea to the implementation of an academy, Workademy will ensure that your project successfully turns your company into a Learning Organization.

HR Managers

Onboarding new-comers is a time consuming process that in the end results in a lot of loss for the company. We believe human interaction is one of the most important things in the onboarding process, but we also believe that most of that can be automated. A successful onboarding of a new-comer will increase the probability of the employee to stay longer.

Workademy can help you creating effective onboarding courses for your new comers!

Learning and Development Departments

Creating learning content is a time consuming job. Nowadays, L&D departments face issues when creating learning content mostly because they need to use several tools in order to get the job done.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way! Workademy's course builder is a What You See Is What You Get solution that is integrated into the platform, meaning you will only have to use one tool to do the job that before was done by three.

You will be able to create beautiful, engaging, and intuitive online mini-courses that will be immediately available to be consumed.

Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales and Marketing teams lack the knowledge on how to create learning content. They want to take that step, but the tools out there are just too complicated to use. Usually, this kind of content is produced by Instructional Designers because of its complexity.

With Workademy, you don't need an Instructional Designer to create your courses. Our course builder is so simple that you will be guided throughout the journey of creating your courses.