Olga and her Dashboards

Olga and her Dashboards

Do you like dashboards as much as I do?

Back in 2009, I defended my master thesis with Paulo Marques and Pedro Bizarro. The topic of my thesis was RTED – Real-Time Event Dashboard.

It happened to me that the dashboards and charts have been following me through my whole career as a software engineer.

Starting from Feedzai, where I’ve worked on the first dashboard version for Feedzai’s core product, then it was Meetrics, where I’ve been working on client-facing dashboards. I recently did freelance work with Assure Hedge, and it was not a surprise that I worked on the charts displaying important business metrics on partner-facing dashboards.

I am not a data engineer, and I’m not the best analyst you could find out there, but being able to get some data, put it into a chart, and make it telling something to people who use dashboards was always fascinating to me.

This is why the most exciting time in developing the Workademy platform was when we decided to build the learning analytics dashboard. With lots of insights we gathered during the 7-year technical support of EdEra, we were able to create a friendly dashboard containing data capable of telling you how good the courses are, how boring they are, and how difficult they are. This nice-looking dashboard even has a learning funnel showing how and when the learners drop out and what modules take them more time to finish.

But we still miss some data. We still miss some insights from the corporate learning world. What are the challenges when it comes to analyzing how the employees learn? What are the most pain points? How do we know the training was successful and engaging? These questions continue popping up in my head. And this is why I am super excited about our next 💛 L&D Happy Space event, where we will be discussing learning analytics in the corporate learning and development world! It will be a hot topic! And there will be a fantastic guest panel speaker!

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