L&D Happy Space #1

L&D Happy Space #1

Yesterday, we at Workademy launched the pilot episode of our series of brainstorming events called šŸ’› L&D Happy Space.

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect so we just went with the flow. I must say it was amazing! We had some technical issues, but still, it was a warm event and a great discussion. This is what we found out:

šŸ“Š Around 70% of the participants use both authoring tools and LMS
āœØ Engagement is the main reason why people tend to create content with authoring tools, and the interactivity offered by those tools is the main trigger factor for engagement
šŸ˜Ž Although the data from the externally authored package is not well synchronized with the LMS analytics dashboard, we can live without it if we properly test the training with focus groups
šŸ˜³ The training maintenance is still an issue since we have multiple places to update in and we have to re-export and re-import
šŸ§ Although we realize that the LMS is meant for one thing and the authoring tool for another, we tend to agree that it might be good to have the authoring tool and the LMS all in one place.

This is what we've learned for our future events:

šŸš€ Define a clear direction of where we should move (we realized that we could actually have the discussion for the whole day!)
šŸ§© Present more pieces of data during the discussion (the topics are known in advance, do some research on these topics, and have some pieces of facts would be great)
šŸ“¹ Make sure Zoom is properly configured!

Thank you Talvi for presenting the challenge, and everyone for a great discussion!

What should our next events be focused on? I have these options in mind:
šŸ‘‰ Continue with LMS and authoring tools hustle
šŸ‘‰ Explore issues around learning analytics
šŸ‘‰ Explore topics around the user (employee) generated content

What topics resonate with your situation? Join the discussion.