AI Empowers L&D: Elevating Training with AI-Enabled Video-Based Learning, Leadership Training, and Course Creation

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing how we learn and work, offering unprecedented efficiencies in learning and development (L&D).

AI Empowers L&D: Elevating Training with AI-Enabled Video-Based Learning, Leadership Training, and Course Creation

As highlighted by Ross Stevenson, AI's role in L&D is multifaceted, capable of automating specific tasks, aiding in others, and leaving some exclusively to human insight. For more insights into AI's impact on L&D, follow Ross for additional tips.

AI-Generated Courses with Workademy

Workademy has seamlessly integrated AI to assist L&D professionals, enabling the creation of comprehensive courses with just a few clicks. This feature allows users to specify a topic and instantly generate a complete course, including assessments, curated content, and YouTube videos — a transformative tool for L&D.

Our AI-generated courses are utilized for:

  • Developing soft skills courses in areas such as time management, conflict resolution, and leadership essentials;
  • Creating standard compliance courses;
  • Tailoring courses for sales and customer support teams.

At Workademy, this feature has facilitated skill enhancement in Google Ads and streamlined the onboarding process for sales assistants with AI-generated courses.

While this technology significantly streamlines course creation, it does not replace the nuanced work of L&D teams. Human input is essential for customizing content with company-specific details and verifying the accuracy of AI-generated material. The technology lays the groundwork by establishing a structured course framework with clear learning objectives.

Integrating AI Tools for Enhanced L&D

Workademy supports the integration of tools like's videos and Urchin Insights' interactive scenarios, further enriching the L&D experience. This integration allows L&D professionals to leverage multiple AI tools to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

AI-Generated Videos with

The use of AI to automate and collaborate with L&D teams is expanding., for example, offers AI-generated videos featuring customizable avatars. Users can create videos on specified topics, input their text, select an accent, language, and avatar, or even use their own image to personalize the avatar.

Leadership Training with AI

Urchin Insights has developed a unique tool for leadership development through AI. By engaging in simulated chats with an AI colleague, users can practice resolving conflicts or providing feedback, receiving immediate, constructive feedback from the AI. This real-time interaction enhances users' problem-solving skills in realistic scenarios.

We're eager to hear about the AI tools you've incorporated into your L&D processes.

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